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"The Design-Build "Advantage

  Whether you're in the market to build a new home, remodel a kitchen or bath, or create an addition for an existing home, working with Leeside which offers "design-build" services may be just right for you!

Who buys design-build services?

  Design-build is for people who want a more active role in planning the remodeling or construction of their homes and who appreciate the convenience and consistency of working with one firm from start to finish.

  If you want to build your dream home, Leeside Construction can work with you at each stage of design and construction to create the home that best matches your desires and your budget. If you are contemplating a makeover of your present home, we can help ensure that your specific concerns from the preservation of existing landscaping and views to the safety of children or pets during construction are factored into the design of your project right from the start. The efficiencies of the design-build process help ensure that your time and your money are well spent. This is one stop shopping at its best.

You are part of the design-build team.

  As the customer, you are the most important member of the design-build team. Your wishes and ideas drive design, materials selection, and budget. You bring to the table your specific design concerns and desires. Leeside Construction provides the building and design experience, knowledge, and skills that turn your ideas into reality. We as your builder can show you examples of similar projects and present a menu of economical, practical, and aesthetic solutions to frequently encountered design problems. Your design-build team can counsel you in choosing materials and finishes for your home that represent good values within your budget and that complete your vision of your new or remodeled home.

Your priorities drive the project.

  In addition to your tastes, Leeside Construction will consider your space needs, building code requirements, and any other applicable factors, and combine these elements to create a pleasing, structurally sound home.

  At or shortly after your initial meeting, we will generate a ballpark estimate for your new home or remodeling project. Based on this initial estimate, and with your "okay" to proceed, we will then produce a preliminary design, including the first set of preliminary sketches and a more detailed estimate. The decisions and selections you make guide us in refining these sketches into a final design, accompanied by a more polished estimate. When all design decisions, allowances, and selections have been made, a set of complete construction drawings can be created and a final contract price established.

How are fees charged for design-build services?

  The fee structure for design and construction services varies from job to job, depending on the scope of the work involved. We separate the charges for the design and construction phases of the project.

  Generally the design fee covers the company's time and costs for developing your ideas into a buildable plan. Design charges may be based on an hourly rate or a fixed fee (for the entire design or for each stage). During the design phase, fees may include a nonrefundable administrative fee; costs for design time (client meetings, preliminary sketches, design development, and specification development); and research and drafting time (measurement and drafting of existing site or home conditions, material research, construction cost estimating, and drafting and blueprinting).

  Construction fees often are charged on a cost-plus (time and materials) or fixed fee basis. Cost-plus contracts may be used when the scope of work is uncertain, for example, if the exact location of utility lines is uncertain. A fixed fee arrangement may be used if the scope of work can be more precisely determined.

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